The Brand And The Network

As of 2003 we took a share in a fishing and processing enterprise in Namibia. With this integration we have secured an important resource.
Sales of the majority of products have been conducted under the „SEAWORK“ brand for some years now. „SEAWORK” is a registered trademark in Germany and 8 other EU countries. „SEAWORK“ is also registered in the USA, Canada, South-Africa, Namibia, Australia and New Zealand.
The name „SEAWORK” also stands for the network, which has been set up by All-Fish in cooperation with companies from Spain, Namibia, New Zealand and the USA, The network is a means to react to the globalisation of the fish industry. The partners are active in different areas, such as fishery, production and distribution. This cooperation of companies guarantees flexible and transparent cooperation, saves costs and enables us to monitor the product from moment it is caught, all the way to the customer. Each network partner of „SEAWORK” remains independent and preserves its own identity, which is experiences and know-how shares.