Our Activities

All-Fish Trading Company mbH is located in Kronshagen/ Kiel, Germany with sales offices in Berlin and Gronau/Westfalen. Established in 1995, we have been importing and distributing deep frozen fish and fish products. Since, All-Fish has become an accomplished supplier on the European market for deep frozen fish products. Our customers include fish and food services, wholesale traders, processing industry and increasingly grocery chains. In order to quickly serve these clients‘ needs, we stock a large and wide assortment of said products.

Yearlong relationships with suppliers and producers enable us to efficiently and quickly cater to the needs and demands of the market. In house quality management, close cooperation with independent laboratories in Germany and on site at our producer and internal product quality controls enable us to guarantee a constant level of quality.

All-Fish imports from many countries worldwide and closely co-operates with pre-selected and qualified producers, who continuously operate according to the finest possible, and legally required production standards concerning hygiene and product related postulates.

The primary sources, depending on the product, are southern Africa, Eastern Europe, Asia and New-Zealand. Apart from these activities we also import produce from the EU like Scandinavia, Ireland, Spain and the Benelux. This enables us to offer you a wide range of frozen fish products.